Natural Intelligence

All living things around us be it even the smallest unicellular organism is intelligent even than the best Artificial Intelligent system made by Man, so what is special, lets understand it.

The Software
Initial Firmware
Intelligence to acquire Knowledge
Knowledge Management
Spinal Reflex (Generated Firmware)
    - Myotatic reflex
    - Autogenic inhibition reflex
    - Reciprocal excitation
    - Flexor reflex
    - Crossed extension reflex
The Hardware
Limbic System
Brain Stem
• Etc,.

Lets Copy the Gods work !!!

Our Evolution

          The back of the brain is a so-called reptilian brain. The most ancient primitive part of the brain that governs balance, territoriality, mating.
          Then we have the center part of the brain going forward and that’s a so-called monkey brain, the mammalian brain. The brain of emotions. The brain of social hierarchies.
          Then the front of the brain is the human brain, especially the prefrontal cortex. This is where rational thinking is. And when you ask yourself a question where am I anyway. The answer is right behind your forehead.

          As humans we are at level 3. We run simulations into the future. Animals apparently don’t do this. They don’t plan to hibernate. They don’t plan the next day’s agenda. They have no conception of tomorrow to the best of our ability. But that’s what our brain does. Our brain is a prediction machine. And so when we look at the evolution from the reptilian brain to the mammalian brain to the prefrontal cortex, we realize that is the process of understanding our position in space with respect to others – that is emotions – and finally running simulations into the future.
by Michio Kaku