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AIMS helps Programmers to develop critical business process software’s with ease and at most accuracy. AIMS is unique due to its independent design with respect to Databases which it uses and the programming languages which it supports. Application Development in AIMS is as simple as using Paint Brush. It is an art of making screens and linking module. AIMS becomes important as it’s the only technology in today’s world which can support and succeed in achieving what software developer dreamt of. That’s RTSE With AIMS can empower students to call themselves Software Developer and not just programmer of certain programming language, AIMS is independent of the programming languages and platforms which it can work. Developing applications and implementing it on various hardware and operating systems is a challenging affair.
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Installer You need to download and install AIMS from the website. This procedure is one time and no need to repeat. Click and Download the AIMS Installer and a Guide to installation.

aims.exe is needed to work on any AIMS application. This executable file has been designed to work with MsAccess, MsSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

datadb.db file which is an MsAccess database file is the most essential as it is used to store data. whatever changes you do in AIMS are stored in datadb.mdb. So all the modules information lies in this files. The Application is the database and the database is the application.
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AIMS Development Our Versions
AIMS changes the way you do software development as there are no Program Files and other related machine files. whatever changes you do with aims are stored in datadb.mdb file in case of MS-Access. Whenever you want to start new application just copy aims.exe into a new folder and create new database file with name datadb.mdb and start the development. You can also download the blank database from mainaims.com download section. The AIMS application exists in desktop as well as web versions. Desktop version is interpreted using aims.exe and web version has DotNET interpreter. DotNET version is also available on mainaims.com. This is the next level of AIMS which you will be informed once you are able to understand desktop version. PHP is also supported for development but it is a converter not a renderer. It is being phased out as most of our customers find DotNet to be more reliable.
Our tight Security Sales and Marketing
Application built with AIMS are absolutely secured with the concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The application is secured with hardware key and software license key. Programming is secured with Access Code. Even though small in size, AIMS is perfectly secure for business environment with RSA, Matrix and BlueFISH combined, makes it unbreakable. The Source code is scrambled, when it comes to data then it is secured by the Database Provider. Our Marketing is devised on an opportunity driven prospect conversion plan so that we actually get the customer interested in the process of software development. There by expanding the prospect base is only one part of our marketing plan secondly we also provide a very healthy conversion ratio. There has been no breakthrough in the conventional marketing methodology and has slowly put the software development companies to charge very high to provide solutions to customers in the name of quality.
Hardware Key Software Key
Keys are required for performing any activity on AIMS. Developers have to obtain Access Key so that they can use the Developer for creating the existing software and also making any kind of alteration to the existing software. Self Generated ERD can be accessed by the Developer to ascertain the size of the software and also know the Entity Relationship in the Existing Software. This will also help to understand the effect of a software change in the entire system. Hardware Key is used by the end user to the physical machine in which the software works.
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Enter your Details for us to verify and generate the Software Key. This will be based on the Organization Name, the number of Years requested for and the Number of concurrent users for any given software. Depending on the requirement we will interact with your personnel given by you. For every Customer separate keys will have to be taken. The cost of the software varies in multitude of ways and needs to be decided on case to case basis.
Source Code Conversion About MAINAIMS
Softwares developed from programming languages can be changed from Languages to another. Just Copy Paste your code in the Source Window computer will understand the conversion sequence and the Percentage of conversion which is possible and feasible. Conversion from certain languages will not be possible or cannot be done which is why we give a provision to deselect at the start of the conversion itself. Personalized conversions will be possible only if you register with us. This provision gives the converter an ability to understand what you like. After the conversion we advise you to do the corrections and update it in the Converter. The Converter is built using the Fuzzy Logic based programming. Artificial intelligence allows us to have an interactive session with individual Software Developers. Understanding source code belongs to any specific project is a challenging task from millions of combinations.

Information is the key to success. The more we know the more we grow. We follow this basic principle since the day we began our activities. Along with our products and services we enjoy sharing the knowledge to our clients. This urge of educating people encourages us to provide accurate business software solutions for our clients. We configure software solutions such a way that they become integral and essential part of their system and that too without much change to it.
We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.
AIMS - Artificially Intelligent Management Systems
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